Milton Friesen


Here's my confession: I've always wanted to be an artist - to draw, create, try things out. Drawing of all kinds is fascinating. I love the connection between ideas and images.

I feel happiest when I am creating something in a process that makes time seem like it's flying by. The pieces in this portfolio make use of graphite, conte crayon, steel, wood, clay, and ceramics.

Another happy discovery: exploring how human ingenuity works within organizations and how we are able to adapt as organizations is also very, very interesting. I feel privileged to have been able to pursue a life of ideas, creativity, and human organization.


  • Illustration
  • Concept visualization
  • Complexity science
  • Network science
  • Adaptive institutions
  • educational design


  • graphite
  • line drawings
  • visual design
  • communications planning
  • writing
  • brand development
  • trend spotting